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Turnkey Solution Focused Service Approach

We provide turnkey projects to our customers. Within this scope, we offer R&D, PROJECTION, SUPPLY, INSTALLATION, ACTIVATION, SERVICE, 7/24 MONITORING AND PERIODICAL MAINTENANCE services.


We prepare project files by making field surveys by our expert teams in order to accurately determine the needs of our customers and direct them to all of the activity subjects. We support our clients with our expert consultants and project software to participate in grant support programs. We offer two-dimensional and three-dimensional realistic models to our customers before the application and eliminate the possible uneasiness of our customers. We can respond to these needs of our customers by doing static calculations or soil analysis when needed.


In order to accurately determine all of the activity subjects according to the customer's request we prepare the project files by making field explorations by our expert teams in order to direct them.


Manufacture of galvanized carcass for use in alternative energy systems installations, manufacture of smart cards for energy control and management, manufacture of portable energy systems, etc.


With our 150 staff and more than 100 trained technical staff, we can provide installation services for all kinds of Alternative Energy Systems, Transmission Lines, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Wind Measurement (MET) Towers, Alarm Systems, Security Cameras, Fiber Optic Systems, etc.


In order to provide quality service to our customers, we prefer to supply all the products we use in our assemblies firsthand by ourselves. We are certain of the quality of the materials we offer. We can provide a guarantee period of up to 10 years of electronic products we have delivered to our customers regardless of the manufacturer's guarantee.


One of the biggest problems of our country is the lack of quality and fast service understanding. Within this scope, we thought that our teams, who have been working for corporate firms for years and have worked with special KPI values, will be very valuable especially in the alternative energy sector if they can provide 7-24 field service. Whenever you are looking for any breakdown day or night in your power generation facility, the nearest team will be at your side with a backup material within 24 hours.


We can monitor the situation of the systems we set up in the direction of our customers' requests for 7/24. In this regard, we can intervene in the future without any problems. In the same way we have our monitoring services for intelligent alarm modules, transformer alarm modules and other products we manufacture and sell.


Our Helpdesk staff, consisting of technical staff working 7/24 based on our call center, is waiting for our customers. We can communicate both the alarms they receive on the monitor to the customers and direct emergency response teams to the scene by responding instantly to the emergency calls from the customers.


  • DEKA Group is mainly operating in Telco/GSM Sector in the markets of Ukraine and Turkey.
  • ORBITA Group is mainly operating in an Alternative Energy and Building infrastructure sector in the markets of Ukraine and Turkey.

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