Scada Systems

Scada Systems


To design, develop and implement the hardware and software structure of the inverters to monitor and control the operation data, climate-environment data, energy efficiency and stability information of the whole system, remote access by recording fault and alarm data. The company will solve the problem of dusting on the panel with the SCADA design which has a new sensor module by having the new R & D unit in operation. As final product, SCADA modules with innovative features, which will increase energy efficiency, will be produced within the framework of R & D activities with the knowledge gained by the project team. Outputs of the project; Achieving R & D achievement, realizing the original modules as the first example, establishing the pilot production facility, introducing the products and commercializing the products.

The possibilities offered by our Scada system;

  • Fault / alarm / fault notifications for inverters and measured values from inverters,
  • Air and environmental conditions will be given,
  • SCADA modules to ensure data collection and control of the system in production
  • The remote access based communication line is made via internet and the software that will monitor and control the system from the desired end unit is introduced.

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